Group of silicates - mesosilicates

Formule chimique : Zr(SiO4)
Système cristallin : Quadratic
Etymologie : From the Arabic Zarqun.
Dureté : 7.5
Densité : 4.6 – 4.7
Propriétés physiques : Vitreous to adamantine sheen. Colorless, yellow, red to brown. Transparent to translucent. Poor cleavage (110). Conchoidal fracture.
Propriétés chimiques : frequent orange to yellow fluorescence.
Formule chimique : Zr(SiO4)
Habitus : Often in prisms (square section) with pyramidal terminations.
Gîtologie : Zircon is found in granitic bodies and pegmatites as well as in alluvial deposits.
Determination : difficult except when the prismatic crystal habitus is visible.
Utilisation : in jewelry

Zircon is a very common mineral. Beautiful crystals come from Sardinia (Monteveccio), Austria (Pfitsch), Norway (Kragero), Russia (Miask), India (Orissa), Australia and Nigeria. Gem zircons are mostly from Thailand, Cambodia and Ceylon.
In France, zircon has been described in alluvium at Espaly (Haute Loire).

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