Molybdate group

Formule chimique : PbMoO4
Système cristallin : Quadratic
Etymologie : From the Austrian mineralogist Von Wulfen who first described this mineral species.
Dureté : 2.7 – 3
Densité : 6.5 – 7
Propriétés physiques : Resinous to adamantine sheen. Colour Yellow to orange, sometimes red to brown. Transparent to translucent. Cleavage good (011).
Propriétés chimiques : Soluble in concentrated sulphuric acid.
Formule chimique : PbMoO4
Habitus : Often in square tablets.
Gîtologie : Wulfenite is a typical mineral of the alteration (oxidation zones) of lead deposits.
Determination : Easy because of its colour and its square lamellar crystal habit.
Utilisation :

Wulfenite is a very popular mineral with collectors because of its beautiful crystals. It is found in many localities, mostly in connection with lead deposits.
In France, wulfenite has been described in the Farges (Corrèze) and Argentolle (Saône et Loire) deposits as well as in Pontgibaud (Puy de dôme).

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