Sulphide group

Formule chimique : Cu12Sb4S13
Système cristallin : Cubic
Etymologie : From the Greek tetraedron which means pyramid.
Dureté : 3 – 4
Densité : 4.9 – 5.1
Propriétés physiques : Strong metallic luster. Colour steel grey to iron black; dark red in thin section. Conchoidal to random fracture. No cleavage. Frequent interpenetration macles.
Propriétés chimiques : Forms a series with tennantite (arsenic pole instead of antimony). The silver-rich variety is called freibergite.
Formule chimique : Cu12Sb4S13
Habitus : In tetrahedral crystals (111), often massive.
Gîtologie : Tetrahedrite is an accessory primary mineral of hydrothermal deposits.
Determination : The determination is relatively easy when the tetrahedrite is well crystallised (tetrahedron shape). Only the distinction between tetrahedrite and tannantite is difficult.
Utilisation : No major use

In France, it is found in several deposits in the Vosges, the Alps (La Taillat, La Mure, St Pierre d’Allevard in Isère), the Massif Central (Branal mine, Pontgibaud in Puy de Dôme).
Beautiful crystals come from Campionne (Italy), Burbach (Germany), Morococha (Peru) and Bingham (Utah, USA).


Tétraédrite d’Espagne

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