Quartz (or rock crystal)

Silica polymorphs group - tectosilicates

Formule chimique : SiO2
Système cristallin : Rhombohedral
Etymologie : From the German quartz.
Dureté : 7
Densité : 2.6
Propriétés physiques : Glassy sheen. Colourless to white. Transparent. Conchoidal fracture. No cleavage.
Propriétés chimiques : Only soluble in hydrofluoric acid
Formule chimique : SiO2
Habitus : Quartz crystals can occur as prismatic crystals with a hexagonal pyramidal termination and frequent maculation.
Gîtologie : Quartz is a ubiquitous mineral in silica-saturated endogenous rocks. It is also frequently found in metamorphic rocks such as micaschists, gneisses and quartzites. Finally, due to its high hardness and chemical resistance, it is found in detrital sedimentary rocks.
Determination : because of its hardness and habitus.
Utilisation : Because of its properties, quartz is used in electronics.

Quartz (or rock crystal) is the most common mineral on earth and is found in almost every context.
In the world, the most beautiful quartz crystals come from Madagascar, Brazil (Minas Gerais) and the USA (Arkansas).
In France, the most beautiful quartz crystals come from the Alps (Gardette mine in Isère and Vizille).

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