Apatite group - phosphates

Formule chimique : Pb5(PO4)3Cl
Système cristallin : hexagonal
Etymologie : From the Greek pyros meaning fire and morpho meaning form.
Dureté : 3.5 – 4
Densité : 6.5 – 7.1
Propriétés physiques : Resinous sheen. Colour from yellow to brown, green. Translucent. Any fracture. Cleavage according to (1010) poor.
Propriétés chimiques : It is the phosphorus (P) pole of the pyromorphite - mimetite - vanadinite series. It is soluble in nitric acid.
Formule chimique : Pb5(PO4)3Cl
Habitus : In hexagonal prismatic crystals, sometimes barrel-shaped or cavernous.
Gîtologie : Pyromorphite is an alteration mineral of lead deposits.
Determination : Relatively easy due to habitus and colour.
Utilisation : No significant use

Pyromorphite is found in often cavernous crystals as a secondary mineral in oxidised Pb deposits. In France, it is found at Farges (Corrèze), Ally (Haute-Loire), Pontgibaud (Puy de Dôme), Beaujeu (Rhône), Huelgoat (Finistère),…
Beautiful crystals come from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, Australia, Austria and the UK.


Gerbe de Pyromorphite

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