Sulphide group

Formule chimique : As2S3
Système cristallin : Monoclinic
Etymologie : From the Latin "Auri" meaning "Gold" and "Pigmentum" meaning "Colour
Dureté : 1.5 – 2
Densité : 3.4 – 3.5
Propriétés physiques : Resinous to pearly luster, orange, brown to yellow, transparent to translucent, perfect cleavage
Propriétés chimiques : soluble in basic solution and aqua regia (mixture of concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid)
Formule chimique : As2S3
Habitus : prismatic or kidney-shaped aggregates
Gîtologie : Orpiment is characteristic of low temperature hydrothermal deposits
Determination : Easy because of its almost systematic association with the realgar
Utilisation : no significant use
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