Native Sulfur

Native element - Metalloids

Formule chimique : S
Système cristallin : Orthorhombic
Etymologie : From the Latin Sulphur.
Dureté : 1.5 – 2.5
Densité : 2 – 3
Propriétés physiques : Resinous shine. Sulfur yellow to honey yellow color. Translucent to transparent. Fragile. Imperfect cleavage. Sensitive to temperature (very bad thermal conductor).
Propriétés chimiques : Burns at 270°C with a blue flame and a release of sulfurous gases.
Formule chimique : S
Habitus : Often in automorphic crystals, but also in powdery clusters and as a coating.
Gîtologie : Sulfur can be produced by the reduction of gypsum (sulfate) by organic matter in sediments but also by condensation of sulfurous volcanic gases.
Determination : Easy because of its color, its smell and the test of combustion.
Utilisation : Used in the field of chemistry

The most beautiful sulfur crystals come from Sicily (Caltanisetta), the USA (Steamboat Springs, Nevada) and China.
In France the most beautiful sulfur specimens come from the Pyrenees (Boes).

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