Native Gold

Native element - Metals

Formule chimique : Au
Système cristallin : Cubic
Etymologie : From the Latin Aurum which means "gold".
Dureté : 2.5 – 3
Densité : 19.3
Propriétés physiques : Metallic luster. Golden yellow to light yellow color. Opaque. Very ductile and malleable.
Propriétés chimiques : Unaffected and unalterable by acids except by aqua regia (mixture of hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid).
Formule chimique : Au
Habitus : Rarely in automorphic crystals. Frequently in flakes or irregular grains in quartz. In massive nuggets in detrital deposits (gold placers).
Gîtologie : Gold is found in primary deposits in hydrothermal, meso- and epithermal deposits. Because of its high density and chemical resistance, gold is found in detrital deposits (sands, conglomerates, gold placers).
Determination : Easy because of its color, its stainless character and its high density.
Utilisation : Gold is a widely used mineral. It is widely used in electronics as a conductor. In jewelry, it is used in alloy with silver and copper

The largest gold deposits are found in the USA (Mother Lode, California), South America (Amazon gold placers), Zimbabwe and Australia (New South Wales and Victoria).

In France, gold has been mined in Salsigne (Aude), Saint-Yrieix (Haute-Loire), Le Chetelet in Creuse and also in Guyana.

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