Oxides group

Formule chimique : Fe3O4
Système cristallin : Cubic
Etymologie : From the name of the Greek shepherd Magnes.
Dureté : 6
Densité : 5.2
Propriétés physiques : Submetallic luster. Brown-black to black color. Opaque. Subconchoidal fracture. No cleavage. Easy fracture plane (001). Strongly magnetic
Propriétés chimiques : Magnetite is soluble in hydrochloric acid (HCl) and forms a series with magnesioferrite [MgFe2O4] and jacobsite [MnFe2O4].
Formule chimique : Fe3O4
Habitus : In octahedral and sometimes rhombodecahedral crystals with diamond-shaped faces. Macle of the spinel.
Gîtologie : Magnetite is common in a wide variety of deposits.
Determination : The determination of magnetite is very easy because of its habitus and its strong magnetism.
Utilisation : No major use

Magnetite is found in plutonic and metamorphic rocks, pegmatites and in some sands. It is found in many deposits in the world (Zillertal in Austria, Elba Island in Italy, Pennsylvania and New Jersey).

In France, one meets it in Corsica, in the Moors, the Pyrenees and the Massif Armoricain.

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