Sulphate group

Formule chimique : CaSO4.H2O.
Système cristallin : Monoclinic
Etymologie : From the Greek gupsos which means plaster.
Dureté : 2
Densité : 2.3
Propriétés physiques : Glassy sheen. Colourless yellow to brown. Transparent to translucent. Pearly sheen. White streak. Lamellar fracture. Very clear cleavage (010).
Propriétés chimiques : soluble in hydrochloric acid (HCl) and slightly in water.
Formule chimique : CaSO4.H2O.
Habitus : In thin to thick tabular crystals mottled in a "spearhead" or "swallowtail" pattern.
Gîtologie : Gypsum is mainly found in sedimentary deposits and evaporitic deposits.
Determination : Its low hardness (scratchable with a fingernail) and its very clear lamellar cleavage are characteristic.
Utilisation :

Gypsum is found in many places around the world.
In France, it is found in the Paris basin, Lorraine and the edge of the Massif Central.

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