Sulphide group

Formule chimique : PbS
Système cristallin : Cubic
Etymologie : From the Latin galena meaning lead smelting slag.
Dureté : 2.5 – 2.7
Densité : 7.4 – 7.6
Propriétés physiques : Metallic sheen. Lead grey colour. Uneven breakage. Dust and greenish to grey line. Perfect cleavage (001).
Propriétés chimiques : Oxidises very easily, mainly to cerussite and anglesite.
Formule chimique : PbS
Habitus : In crystals derived from the cube or cubo-octahedron. Common macle according to (111).
Gîtologie : Ubiquitous mineral
Determination : The determination is relatively easy because of the metallic luster, the perfect cleavage and the high density of the galena.
Utilisation : Main lead ore.

Galena is found in limestones, dolomites, mineralised hydrothermal seams and contact metamorphic rocks throughout the world.

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