Native element - Metalloids

Formule chimique : C
Système cristallin : Cubic
Etymologie : From the Latin Adamas which means "the hardest".
Dureté : 10
Densité : 3.5
Propriétés physiques : Adamantine shine. Colorless or tinted yellow, pink, blue or black. Translucent to transparent. Conchoidal fracture. Perfect cleavage (111).
Propriétés chimiques : unassailable and unalterable.
Formule chimique : C
Habitus : Often in automorphic crystals (octahedra). Macle (111) frequent.
Gîtologie : Diamond is a primary mineral of kimberlites (ultra-high pressure rock). Because of its unalterable nature, it is found in certain detrital rocks (diamond placers).
Determination : Easy because of its brightness and hardness.
Utilisation : Because of its hardness, diamond is used in the manufacture of certain abrasives, but also of certain cutting and drilling tools. When it is of gem quality, diamond is used in jewelry where it is traditionally cut in "brilliant".

The main regions where diamonds are found are West, Central and South Africa (Kimberley) but also in Siberia, Brazil (Minas Gerais) and Venezuela.


Timbre sur le Diamant

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