Carbonate group

Formule chimique : CaCO3
Système cristallin : Rhombohedral
Etymologie : From Latin calcis which means lime.
Dureté : 3 – 4
Densité : 2.71 – 2.94
Propriétés physiques : Vitreous and pearly sheen on cleavages. Colorless to yellow, up to brown. Transparent. Fluorescent. Cleavage according to (1010) perfect.
Propriétés chimiques : Soluble with effervescence in hydrochloric acid (HCl) when cold.
Formule chimique : CaCO3
Habitus : Often crystallized in rhombohedrons, in scalenohedrons,... Butterfly and heart-shaped macles.
Gîtologie : Calcite is a ubiquitous mineral present in carbonates and in metalliferous veins. Calcite is the main constituent of limestone and marble.
Determination : Relatively easy due to perfect cleavages and effervescence with cold HCl.
Utilisation : No major use

A polymorph of aragonite, calcite can be found in virtually every geological setting around the world.

Timbre d'Afghanistan sur la calcite

Stamp of Afghanistan of 1999 representing a group of crystals of calcite


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