Beryl group - cyclosilicates

Formule chimique : Al3Be2Si6O18
Système cristallin : hexagonal
Etymologie : from the old provençal aigua marina : sea water.
Dureté : 7.5-8
Densité : 2.6
Propriétés physiques : Vitreous luster. Colorless to blue, greenish to green, yellowish. Transparent to translucent. Conchoidal fracture. Cleavage (0001).
Propriétés chimiques : Insoluble in acids.
Formule chimique : Al3Be2Si6O18
Habitus : In elongated hexagonal prisms.
Gîtologie : Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group and is characteristic of granitic pegmatites.
Determination : Easy because of its color and its prismatic crystal habit.
Utilisation : jewelry

Aquamarine is a particularly sought-after mineral for jewelry because of its beautiful color. Particularly beautiful crystals of aquamarine have been extracted from the Teofilo ottoni mines in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and from the Dusso pegmatites in Pakistan. The mineral is also found in pegmatites in Madagascar. In Africa, it is found in Namibia and Zimbabwe. Very beautiful samples come from the Urals (Russia).

In France, aquamarine is found in the pegmatite of Mas-barbu in Haute Vienne and Loire Atlantique.

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