Amethyst (Quartz)

Quartz family - tectosilicates

Formule chimique : SiO2 + trace iron
Système cristallin : Hexagonal
Etymologie : From the Greek amethysos, from methuen: to get drunk. This stone is said to preserve against drunkenness.
Dureté : 7
Densité : 2.65
Propriétés physiques : Vitreous sheen, violet colour (light to dark). Transparent. Conchoidal fracture. No cleavage. Sometimes greenish fluorescence.
Propriétés chimiques : Variety of quartz. Its colour is due to traces of iron.
Formule chimique : SiO2 + trace iron
Habitus : In points consisting of hexagonal pyramids forming geodes. In sceptres.
Gîtologie : It is a mineral found in the cavities of volcanic rocks, in certain metalliferous veins and in alpine cracks.
Determination : Easy because of its colour and habitus.
Utilisation : Jewellery and decorative stone (especially for geodes)

Amethyst is now widely mined throughout the world, mainly for jewellery and decoration. The largest known deposits are in South America (Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil). Amethyst is also mined in Minas Gerais and Bahia, Brazil. Very beautiful amethysts are also mined in Mexico (Las Vigos, Veracruz, Guerrera and Sierra Gallego).

In France, amethyst is found in the crystalline Alps and the Massif Central.

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