Adamite (or adamine)

Arsenate group - Olivenite family

Formule chimique : Zn2(AsO4)(OH).
Système cristallin : Orthorhombique
Etymologie : In honour of the French mineralogist G.J. Adam (1795 - 1881).
Dureté : 3.5
Densité : 4.3 – 4.5
Propriétés physiques : Glassy sheen. Yellowish to green or colourless. Transparent to translucent. Any fracture. Clear cleavage (101).
Propriétés chimiques : Generally soluble in acids. Polymorph of paradamite. Forms a solid solution with olivenite.
Formule chimique : Zn2(AsO4)(OH).
Habitus : Often in elongated prismatic crystals (010). Also in concretions and crusts.
Gîtologie : Adamite is mainly found in the oxidation zones of metalliferous veins.
Determination : Difficult
Utilisation : none

Adamite was first described in Chile (Chanarcillo) by the French mineralogist G. Adam. The main world deposits are in Mexico (Ojuela, Mapimi and Durango), in Namibia (Tsumeb) with cobalt-bearing specimens. Recently, adamite has been found in China (Gansu). Most of the time, adamite occurs as geode crystals in limonite.
In France, adamite is found at Cap Garonne in the Var.

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