Volcanology Mineralogy has offered itself a little bit of an update. Indeed, as you may have noticed, the site has recently experienced some disturbances. The OVH datacenter which hosted the site suffered a major fire and it appeared that it was not possible to retrieve the data that was online.

It was therefore necessary to search through the backups to quickly reassemble the site on a new server. Some data losses are unfortunately to be deplored as some messages of the forum, but the essential is there.

I took the opportunity to reorganize the site to make it more manageable, to apply a new design that was under construction (and still is).

The novelty is that the site is planned to become progressively multilingual with an English version in sight.

There are still a lot of things to put back together and some sections are not yet functional, but everything will be up and running again. That’s the main thing.

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